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 ماهیت عیسی مسیح​

آیا اوفقط یک انسان است و یا خداوند است؟


Is he just a human or is he God?

Beyond a blind faith


Was he the son of God?

A glimpse into the life of Jesus and why believing in him is not a blind faith.


By Paul Ey. Little

It is impossible for us to know for sure if God exists or not, or what he is like, unless he steps forward and reveals himself to us. We must know what God is like and what he thinks about us. Suppose we knew God existed, but he looked like Adolf Hitler and had a capricious, evil and malicious, bigoted and cruel personality. How terrible it would be if it were so!

Did Jesus ever say that he is God?

Is Jesus God? Research this interesting claim


It seems that the first followers of Jesus fully believed that Jesus was the perfect God who appeared in human form. Paul said:

"Jesus is the face of the invisible God... in him the fullness of God dwelled."

John said:

"Jesus created the world."

Peter said:

"Whoever believes in him will receive forgiveness of sins through his name."

But what did Jesus say about himself? Did he ever identify himself as God? Based on what we read in the Bible, it is definitely so. Here we read some of the statements of Jesus during the time he lived on earth.

Why did Jesus Christ have to die first?

What was the need for Jesus Christ to die for us? What did this mean?


The religious leaders crucified him for blasphemy—for claiming to be God. For this reason, they killed him. Was this authority really in their hands?

Several weeks earlier, Jesus' friend Lazarus, who had been dead for four days, was apparently resurrected by Jesus. He healed all diseases, even those who were born blind or those who were never able to walk. Jesus performed many miracles. Just before his crucifixion, they said, "Look, the world supports him because of his miracles." They proved his divinity and equality with the father, as he claimed. He had full power.

Why did Jesus' disciples refuse to be silent?

Talking about Jesus meant accepting the risk of torture and even death for the disciples.

Why didn't they keep quiet despite this?


Each of the twelve apostles of Jesus left his family and profession and often traveled alone to distant countries. They declared that Jesus died and rose again. For announcing the resurrection of Jesus, they were flogged and imprisoned, and many disciples were also tortured to death.

Were their statements based on the foundation? Yes, it is an undeniable fact that in accordance with what Jesus had previously prophesied, after three days of his crucifixion, his tomb was found empty.

Who 2

This article is a continuation of the topic of whom.


This is the last part of the series of writings on the topic of "Did there ever exist non-existence?" Started. Next, the topic of existence was studied and then the topic of "who" was examined. The salient and main points in this series of our studies are as follows:

(1) Absolute nothingness has never existed. If that was the case, the same non-existence would continue even now. But there is "another existence" or existence. For example yourself.

(2) Since non-existence has no truth, therefore existence has always existed.


Jesus Christ and other religions

عیسی مسیح و ادیان دیگر

What is the difference between Jesus Christ and other world religions?


Let's look briefly at the symbolic aspects of Jesus Christ and see how there is a fundamental difference between him and other world religions.


1- Jesus Christ seeks to communicate with us.
Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who always had to take the initiative and take the first step in everything? Such relationships are very boring and usually do not last long. Best friends are those who enjoy each other's presence so much that both parties equally spend time to continue this relationship. Unlike other religions where a person is always trying to reach God, in the case of Christ you see God trying to get closer to you.

Judaism and Jesus

While the Jews are waiting for the coming of the Messiah, what are they looking for and why do most of the Jews not consider Jesus as the promised Messiah?


Have you ever wondered why the Jews did not accept Jesus as the promised Messiah? Of course, Jews for Jesus will claim that many Jews believe in Christ, and of course they do. The question is why the Jewish religious leadership has officially declared that Jesus is the Messiah promised in their book. is not? In short, it should be said that Jesus did not match what the Jews expected from the promised Messiah. In fact, all the actions that Jesus did were just against the opinion and vision that they expected about Christ.


My experience as a Hindu religious teacher

Growing up with the beliefs of the Hindu religion


By Rabi Maharaj

No matter how satisfying our current life is, still when we look back there are some things that make us feel regretful when we remember them. Regarding myself, I must say that the deepest deficiency I feel is related to my father. A lot has happened since his death. I often think to myself that if he was alive and shared all these issues with me, how would he react. My father and I never shared anything together and the reason was the vows my father made before I was born. My father did not talk to me even once in his life and did not pay even the slightest attention to me.


يك سياحت روحانی عجيب ولی واقعی

یك قدرت برجسته و شناخته شده در امر پیش گویی،

طالع بینی و مشاوره ی روانی،

اما سفر روحانی خود او هنوز ادامه داشت . . .


به نوشته ی مارسیا مونته نگرو

هدایت روح، مدیتیشن (تفكر عمیق)، پیشگویی از روی ستارگان، فعالیت های فوق طبیعی، تمرین در نفس برتر، مدیتیشن كوندالینی، پرورش توانایی های ذهنی و روحی، دعا كردن خطاب به معلمین هندو، سفر ستاره ای (جدا شدن موقتی روح از بدن)، مبحث معانی رمزی اعداد، كارت های طالع بینی تاروت، تماس با مردگان، ارتباط با جادوگران، تصوف و عرفان، پیروی از موكتاناندا، راجنیش، ساعی بابا، ماهاراجی . . . و بسیاری دیگر از این قبیل، قسمت هایی از سفر من بود. چگونه به این راه كشیده شدم؟


Fortune tellers and getting free fortune telling with tarot cards

When you receive free tarot cards or free psychic readings, what are they actually doing?


A network of spirit mediums?

You have seen the advertisements of these networks on TV. It is believed that these people have insight and an inner eye, and this ability allows them to know what no one else is able to know. When a spirit medium offers his interpretation and interpretation, the caller is really surprised. At present, the governor of New York City has founded a new way to deal with people's comfort and happiness; In this way, he has employed people as telephonic spirit mediators.


پاسخ به بعضی پرسش های ساده

Answers to some simple questions

Why can you believe the Bible?


How can we understand the Bible that is in our hands today?

Is it reliable?

Can an intelligent person believe the Bible?


Yes, the Holy Bible is not a legend and a story, and unlike other religious books, it does not require a blind faith on the part of humans. There are many evidences that not only support the accuracy and historical accuracy of the Bible, but also prove the claim that this book is a divine authorship.

Ancient history supports the authenticity of the Bible as a historical writing.

The Bibles provide us with many authentic and reliable accounts of the life of Christ. Archeology supports the accounts of the Bible.



Which Jesus is the real Jesus?


The media, artists and researchers each have their own unique "perception" of Jesus. . .

How should we know the real Jesus?


In the world, we are shown many different images of Jesus Christ. Which image is correct? Image of Jesus Christ on TV If you see many preachers on TV, you will know where their hearts are: in your wallet. There is always a demand for your money. Most of them promise you that the more you give financial help to their service, God will bless your life more financially.


Two types of truth

Jesus to his religion, Moses to his religion!


This sentence is familiar in our society and many use this sentence to say that everyone with any belief is respected and no one has the right to condemn someone else for having a different opinion.


It is completely correct to use this sentence for this purpose, because judgment belongs only to God and not to any human or other power. Every belief has taken the right path and it is not necessary for everyone to believe in the same truth because the truth can be one thing for one and another for another. And in this way, it is we humans who determine the nature of truth, and truth does not have an independent nature by itself and apart from us.


Jesus and favoring women


The perspective of supporting women's rights:

Jesus was a defender of women and women's rights.


By Marilyn Adamson

Observers in favor of women's rights often criticize different religions for their treatment of women. In this regard, they are absolutely right. Examples of religious violation of women's rights can be mentioned, which is prevalent in most parts of the world. What observers of women's rights do not consider is that Jesus was one of the most important allies of women's rights.


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